Are you a cartoonist/illustrator?

I got excited the other day, to see this cartoon strip introduction to a technical subject by Jody Culkin.

I have been asked to write a book, a technical book, and it’s important to me that it is VERY accessible to people, because I think the subject could change people’s lives for the better, IMMEASURABLY.

I hadn’t thought much about illustration until recently, when a post on a Texas Instruments very technical forum led me to Jody’s cartoon strip.  I think it’s BRILLIANT!

Check it out … the Arduino is at the heart of what I’m doing.

I think the cartoon is brilliant, but I suspect that Jody Culkin is WAY too famous/brilliant/expensive for little old me, but she gave me the idea of looking for someone to work with.

You might also look at the talk Culkin gave at the NYU-ITP Summer Camp this year.

OK, so what’s the book about?  It’s about building and using a 3D printer, a so-called RepRap, and all the cool Open Source, General License stuff around that. Have a look at the video below.

You may also find this essay interesting (I did!)

And who am I?  Here are some clues:

Who is the publisher?

Talk to me, and I’ll let you know if we decide to work together! The book will be heavily promoted in schools, colleges and to the hobby market in the English-speaking world.

What will you get out of it?

I’ve no idea! Let’s talk. Leave a reply below.

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