Arduino Project Board

I have re-visited this as a possible starter project for our business, and I think it’s a possibility.

I have written it up in a PDF file that you can see/download here:

There’s a rather messy beginning of a costing spreadsheet here:

There are a number of links and videos referred to in the PDF document: I have listed them all here, to make it easier: you can just click, rather than typing in long internet addresses!

The RRRRRRRRRRBBA, a $3 Arduino (

UK Radio Spares price for an Arduino.

UK Radio Spares price for a bunch of micro-controllers.

Arduino Project Board (

PCB Manufacturer “quote and order”.

PCBTrain Quote Screen

PCBTrain Quote Screen

(If we want more than 200, it’s a different process, and we have to e-mail

to get a quote.

Arduino Pro Mini

Ardweeny (US)Ardweeny (UK)

Kickstarter Getting Started

Bootloader:  Programmer

ZIF Socket

Crowdfunder Rewards example

ezine articles (I have never written one, but really ought to!)

PR Log (developing and publishing press releases) (Here’s one I made earlier!!!)

Hack-a-day (there are MILLIONS of articles; I thought you might find this fun!)

And I just found this very useful link about bootloaders!

… which refers us to this, which I will need when we get ourselves set up

(Lady Ada Bootloader)  and I’ll need to buy one of these: Protoshield kit from Oomlout.





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