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Lead Nuts …

Two M8 studding connectors as lead nuts

Two M8 studding connectors as lead nuts

I have been thinking of using M8 studding connectors rather than a single M8 nut on the z-axis lead screws of my 3D printer.  My sense is that the x-axis motion would be more stable, and with two connectors, held together in the same plastic piece, it reduces backlash (but I don’t know how to measure that … it just feels like it; I can feel the backlash in a nut, but not in the pair of studding connectors).

Below is a screen capture of it in Google Sketchup.  You can download the SKP file here.

The STL file is here.  Basically the connector is just an M8 nut that’s 23.7mm thick.

M8 studding connector

M8 studding connector

It’s starting to look like a 3D printer!


Not printing yet ... but it's starting to look like a 3D Printer

I would be further on, but I discovered MUCH too late that a whole batch of the 624ZZ bearings were faulty.  Had to disassemble the whole thing, check all the bearings, and replace the faulty ones.  The centre race is a few thou too slim, so when you put a washer either side and tighten it up, it binds on the outer race and won’t go round.

Anyone want 60 bearings that won’t go round?

Will fire it up tomorrow, hopefully, if I can find my laptop and get it going.