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I am passionate about overcoming obesity: see my next website:

From early success (in 2009: losing 45kg, going from sedentary to walking 300km in 12 weeks) through subsequent failure (putting all the weight back on, and then some) I recognise multiple factors in “stopping weighting”, all to do with fundamental life-style change.  That, I believe, is only possible (for most people) with the support of community and training within that community.

I am writing a book, through Mindy Gibbins-Klein, the Book Midwife, and am quite stuck (and very behind schedule at present).  Putative title, “Born to be Lean”.

I have 30+ years experience teaching and subsequently developing co-counselling (by 21st century version I call “Together We Can”.  This is a peer-support, face-to-face process which tends to develop very close relationships and “communities”.  I am MUCH better at teaching it  than explaining it: it’s a visceral experience!

Am currently much influenced by Daniel Siegel and Mindsight, but more by:

  • Amazon ImagePaleo/Primal nutrition (there has developed an extensive online paleo/primal/low-carb community.  It is about a rejection of processed and junk food and looking for nutritional guidance towards what human-kind ate over our 2,000,000 year history.  There are as many flavours of Paleo as there are Paleo adherents (maybe more), but the general idea is low-carb, high-fat and a recognition that dietary advice in the west over the last 60 years as been precisely wrong.
  • Amazon ImageCrossfit Training (my first session is this evening!)  It is about training for all (physical) events and is known for the communities that build up around it.  Crossfit is a revolution in physical training, has grown all over the world.  It aims to prepare people across a wide range of physical ability (strength, speed, stamina, agility, balance, etc), so that they are ready for anything (“What are we training for? Tomorrow!  And what is happening tomorrow? Exactly (we don’t know)”)  Crossfit is also know for being very supportive, non critical, and encouraging everyone to extend their personal best.
  • Amazon ImageTraining one’s Spiritual Self.  This is a fascinating idea that looks to develop one’s self spiritually using Crossfit as a metaphor.
  • I am doing the same for our emotional and psychological lives.
    Lastly, I am also hugely affected by Brené Brown:

What I Want

  • To stop reading and learning and start (and finish) writing.
  • To make all this stuff have a greater impact in my own life.
  • To find ways to monetise what I know and what I can bring.
  • To find ways to begin to run workshops in order to validate what I know, create early communities that will actualise all this stuff, and to bring in some cash to pay the grocery bills (grass-fed beef is expensive!)

I am a great believer in Attachment Theory and have my own “action form”. Having had an “interesting” childhood, I tend to look for parental figure who can hand-hold me through learning blocks in any area until I am ready to “cut the apron strings”. Together We Can is a system where we can mutually “co-parent” through blocks — I believe that that’s what Crossfit does.

James Hardiman

James Hardiman

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