Wanted: 36 Obese People

This is just some random writing on the subject … some will migrate to adverts, some to a “squeeze” page, and who knows where the rest might wind up.  I just wanted to get these thoughts on a blog, where I can show them to people who may be able to help with this project.

  • Obese?
  • Tyred of weighting to be healthy?
  • Tried everything else?

If you are ready to achieve freedom from obesity, now, and for the rest of your life, visit http://www.LiveFreeFromObesity.co.uk and find out more about the most important healthy weight programme of this century.

If you are ready to achieve freedom from obesity, once and for all, and are willing to commit to that change, please tell us your full name and e-mail addres, so that we can send you more information.

(Please DON’T enter your name and e-mail address if all you want to do is to try and sell us your weight-loss program!)

This program is for obese people; those with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30. Please enter your height and weight below, and click “Calculate”, and we’ll tell you if you qualify.

You can find a BMI calculator here.

It is also for people who have been obese for some time, and have tried other diets and either failed straight away, or who have lost weight and then put it back on again. Please fill in the form below to give us some idea of what you have already been through that brought you to this point.

 (Haven’t designed the form yet.  But if you go here: http://www.livefreefromobesity.co.uk/ you can leave a reply if you would like to.

Lastly, this program is not for anorexics or bulimics. Those are serious problems, and you have our sympathy and respect that you want to deal with those problems. However, that isn’t our area of expertise, and we don’t believe that this program would be able to help you. As we have limited places, and as there are millions of people who can potentially qualify for this program, we must restrict the available places to those most likely to be able to benefit.

One final thing. This is a preliminary research program and all of the instructors, facilitators and support staff are donating their time for free, which represents a really considerable financial saving to you (of the order of £2000). However, you will still need to pay for your accommodation on the workshops and the retreat, and for all your equipment (which we bulk buy, and pass on the savings to you, saving you even more money). We are still negotiating these costs and cannot yet give any firm figures yet, but we expect that the cost may well be in the region of £1000. This is a small price to pay for health for the rest of your life, and you will easily save that in the costs of ill health.


Hi, I’m James Hardiman. I’ve tried obese, and I’ve tried being a healthy weight, and healthy wins every time … but it’s not always that easy. Except in very rare medical conditions, we don’t get to be obese without things going wrong in our psyches and our souls, as well as with our appetites, and unless we can heal those it’s unlikely that any weight loss we do manage will persist: it is reckoned that between 95% and 98% of all people who achieve significant weight loss put it all back on within a year, usually putting back more than they lost. I know the pattern; I’ve fallen foul of it myself.

In May 2009 I was morbidly obese (Body Mass Index, BMI, over 40). I was type II diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and couldn’t walk a mile in comfort.

I did some serious research and found some stunning answers.

By September I had lost 100lbs, walked close to 200 miles, and cured the diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

But, although my soul was somewhat more at peace than it had been five months earlier, that job wasn’t complete, and I was unable to sail though some stressful times, and most of that weight has come back (although I can still walk 10 miles in a day, and the other conditions aren’t as bad as they were).

So it was back to the drawing board again, to put together the missing part of the programme. Now, after two year’s comprehensive research which has taken thousands of hours and has taken me to three continents and seven countries, and which has cost me tens of thousands of pounds, I have the ultimate solution … but I am missing a truly vital component. You.

In order to become obese, we eat too much, because we have become addicted to over-eating. And people with addictions are notoriously bad at looking after themselves. However, with the right resources and training, we can be really excellent supporting and encouraging each other.

I have been involved with the teaching of various forms of counselling for the last 35 years, and I have brought that experience, plus experience with the very latest mind and soul technologies together to form an unbeatable program. Now I just need some people with the same goals, to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and bodyweight for the rest of our lives, to join with me for the joint achievement of our goals.

How Will it Work?

It has been said that if you want to change a central issue in your life, it cannot be done by trying to keep the change on the periphery. To quote Tim Parks‘ book “Teach us to sit Still“, “the change must become the central curriculum of your life”. So we will learn what we need to learn, and then practice it until it becomes a, if not the, major focus in our lives. 

[youtubeV youtubeurl="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgdnKCtfL_Y" width "350" height="300" show="yes"]

Firstly we will come together for two residential weekend workshops, two weeks apart, to learn the basic attitudes, skills and knowledge that we will need. These will will begin on Friday afternoon and go on until Sunday evening. You will be asked to commit to full attendance of these two workshops. You will not be asked to begin any sort of diet, but healthy organic meals will be provided (there’s a vegetarian option, but it’s not mandatory) and you will be asked to stick to the food provided, and not bring anything extra with you.

On these weekends we will learn:

All necessary equipment will be provided, including personal equipment for Pzizz, for coherent breathing bio-feedback, rapid eye movement pacing, extremely accurate WifI connected scales, heart-rate monitors, and Nordic Walking poles.

One month after the second weekend we will come together for a 16-day residential retreat. We will meet on Friday afternoon, and will stay together until Sunday evening, two weeks later. During that time we will begin the nutrition and exercise program that was responsible for my weight-loss achievement in 2009. We will work together each day to practise the things that we learned on the weekend workshops, and we will fuse a web of unbreakable support between us.

We will work to understand and manage our emotions, our psyches, and our spirits. We will work to heal ourselves with the support of each other. We will form bonds of friendship and mutual support that will last the rest of our lives.

Starting from a very gentle base we will use the Walking for Happiness that we learned on the Training Weekends and will gradually increase the amount that we walk each day until, by the end of the 16 days we will have walked well over 50 miles, and have climbed one and a half times the height of Mount Snowden!

Each day we will use Pzizz to experience deep relaxation, and we will practice coherent breathing to lead us into paradoxical relaxation. We will take all these beneficial practices, and make them a central part of our lives.

As we begin to change the way we eat, many conflicting emotions will arise and we will use the skills and knowledge of Together We Can, EFT, TFT and Energy Medicine that we learned on the training weekends to process those emotions, and to clear out the negative patterns, freeing us to be able to live healthily, without the compulsion to self-destruct through over-eating.

The nutrition program that we will follow is the world’s most successful Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), Lipotrim. Lipotrim has been going since the mid-1970′s and has helped thousands of people to lose weight.

There are three phases to the Lipotrim diet: weight loss, re-feeding and maintenance. We will each be on the weight-loss phase of the diet for as long as it takes. Typically, once the diet has settled down (and it will have settled down by the end of the 16-day retreat), men can expect to lose around 20lbs a month; women around 14lbs a month. It is quite likely that we will lose around that amount during the 16-day retreat; weight loss tends to be more rapid during the first two weeks of the program.

After the 16-day retreat we will all meet once a month for one day, to go walking together, and to re-in force our bonds. We will be meeting in smaller groups more frequently, both face-to-face and via technology such as conference calls, webinars, Skype calls etc.

When we begin to get to the end of the weight loss phase (and this will happen at different times for each of us) there will be a series of weekend retreats as we support one another through the refeeding phase and into maintenance. This will go on as long as is necessary for us all to support all of us through this phase.

Once we are all into the maintenance phase we will continue to meet a minimum of monthly, for a minimum of one year, to ensure that our healthy lifestyles remain with us forever. After that time, we will still remain in contact with one another to ensure that no adverse life events cause any of us to fall into this trap of obesity ever again.

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  1. Obesity has practically sixty million Americans in a strangle maintain. Statistics obviously indicate that gals endure considerably more with this disease then males. We have noticed that a staggering a person third of females who are among twenty and seventy a long time old drop target to overweight difficulties.

    1. Yes … and there is so much good (and false) publicity given to grains, and so much bad (and false) publicity given to fats! Go google Denise Minger and read some of her blog posts.

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