The Power of Making

My life was changed last Wednesday, by buying and reading “The Power of Making“, a book to accompany an exhibition of the same name that’s running at the V&A in London until next January.

It brought together into one coherent whole what had seemed to me to be a random collection of interests: skill, craft, digital design and manufacture, but mostly the “Do It Together” community, facilitated by social networking, of the 21st century.  The Industrial Revolution 2.0, lubricated by the philosophies of Open SourceCreative Commons Licensing, Crowd Funding, Social Networking.

I went back to the V&A on Saturday, and met some amazing people, doing wonderful things:

MzTEK provides a learning community in technology and arts for women MzTek
Technology Will Save Us: is a haberdashery for technology and alternative education space dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.

Exploring the New World

I’m getting very excited by all this, and expect to be blogging furiously, but in the meantime, if this is all new to you, here are some pointers to getting started:


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