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I’ve had a website for ages; only just changed it to a Blog, so this is by way of a “where’s all the old stuff gone” page.

Inheritance Walks: James’ library of walks, that one day will migrate to Walking for Happiness.

The old home page, that has the chart for silver on it.

Other websites that I am working on:

9 thoughts on “Welcome to James’ Blog”

  1. Hallo James,

    We met in Eindhoven

    See me my wife and our printer.

    You have al lot of information.

    Where do find to put on DIP temperture controle in Arduino firmware.

    I like slic3d.
    Why do i have errors in z- direction SLIC3S at high 10mm layer hight 0.1mm
    Is ther a overview of SLIC3D setings at differend layer hights and speeds

    Do you have 3d drawings for IGUS 8mm gearings to change to a linear bearing system.

    You active on many forums, but ist is very difficult to find a overview for orca V3.

    I hope you can also help. With “afterbuilt” information.


  2. Dear James , Massively impressed by youre YouTube videos regarding BB
    your video entitled So What is Banners Broker? How Could I Make Some Money at Home is the best analytical overview I have seen so far and ticks all the boxes
    regarding what the BB business is all about . I am sending the link to lots of my friends who haven,t stuck there toes in the BB water yet and I look forward to any
    new info that you may be broadcasting in the near future . Good Luck with that !

    I bought a Black Package in April and to be honest your method for cash generating is very much better I will probably end up with 7 Black panels in a year or so,s time and hopefully my smaller panels will generate the required traffic .

    If you have a link to youre Spreadsheet I wouldn,t mind studying it further if at
    all possible . Bye for now Mark

    1. Hi, Mark, Sorry for being so long in replying. I can’t let you get a copy of my spreadsheet for two key reasons. 1) It would get me slung out of Banners Broker, and 2) It doesn’t work!

      It omits consideration of macro. I am beginning to think that buying a black package is the best idea, and wish I had done it. I am currently caught up in helping to administer the estate of a family member, and my attention isn’t 100% on BB. But I am working on my idea.

      Basically, if you work out what a black package costs, and how much complimentary traffic you get, it’s a REALLY good deal. And black panels don’t use up macro, and they generate macro. Haven’t got much further than that, yet.

  3. Hello James, very much enjoyed your youtube videos and the layout of your spreadsheets. I have my BB account managed for me, but wish to learn the nuts and bolts of running BB account successfully. I have a black pack myself, it would appear to need a lot less input, but may produce less return in the long run.

    1. No … absolutely a black package is THE best thing to get. I only wish I had realized that when I started. Two main reasons:

      1) The value you get in “complimentary” traffic is enormous. With a black package you get over $7000 worth of value for about $3300 if I remember correctly.
      2) The bane of the existence of any BB person is the question of “macro”. Black panels have an infinite supply, and feed it downwards.

      So just watch your account. When any of your “comp1″ panels caps, make sure that the comp2 panels are set to 50%. AND DON’T BUY ANY TRAFFIC UNTIL DAY 69!

      Then just buy 1 traffic pack a month. Qualify the two yellows that have been sitting there for 23 days (they will cap almost immediately, so then qualify the next two).

      Qualify the purples when after day 80, when the purple comps have finished.

      When your blues cap, you won’t have enough traffic to qualify them. Just wait until your one traffic pack a month build up enough to qualify the blues.

      When your greens cap, wait until it’s time to buy your one TP a month, and up it to two.

      Keep checking your cheaper panels.

      From your original package each panel will have turned into two panels. So each time you qualify two yellows, you’ll use up 10,000 yellow macro. But you started out with 25,000, and every time you qualify two purple panels, you’ll get enough yellow macro to qualify four yellows … and so on, up the scale.

      So after a while, you’ll be able to buy more yellows, because you have the macro to qualify them … and so on up the scale.

      As the higher-level panels cap, they generate cash, and they pump macro downwards, allowing you to buy more lower levels panels. It’s a great way to work. I am still working on the spreadsheet, so I can’t quote precise numbers yet: watch this space!

  4. Hi,

    I just set up my orca 0.2 with Gen6 and Pronterface. I am using last year’s firmware. When I try to send more than one action from pronterface (like more x + then -, or set temp to 185 and then read it,) I get this error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Python27\lib\threading.py”, line 552
    File “C:\Python27\lib\threading.py”, line 505
    self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs
    File “C:\Users\Sid\Desktop\reprap\PronterFace
    File “C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\serial\se
    raise SerialException(‘call to ClearCommErr
    SerialException: call to ClearCommError failed

    and I also get another error called event object missing.

    I got it to print once but then it crashed and hasnot recovered since. I have reinstalled firmware, python and everything.

    Could yuou please suggest why?

    I am really annoyed at this. I dont want to use end stop resistors so I commented the define line in config file.

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